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Aerial Surveys & mapping
Aerial Photography & Videography
Marketing & PR events
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Travel and tourism industry
If you work in film or TV and are looking for aerial professionals who are CAA authorised and experienced, then we can help you in capturing aerial footage.
Hover Drones provides construction and maintenance organisations the ability to carry out detailed surveys and inspections of roofs, solar panels, bridges and wind turbines. The ability to view the earth from the air helps you gain a unique view of any construction projects and allows you to identify any issues before they become one.
The Sports industry is using aerial footage to capture events like never before. From Football Clubs filming training sessions for enhanced tactical insights through to Paintball Sites capturing high-octane footage for their websites and social media campaigns. The options are limitless and exciting to behold!!
Helping the countries best Golf Courses provide the golfing world a deeper insight than ever into the beauty and challenges their courses have to offer. Courses are now using aerial footage to showcase their signature holes and give golfers the ability to visualise their shots and plan their rounds in advance.
Estate Agents are using aerial imagery to capture a truly original perspective of their high-end property portfolios. With the use of Drone technology we enable them to showcase their property’s grounds and surrounding landscapes in a way never before possible.
These devices can hover and maneuver above your event capturing images and video of not just individuals but the day itself. Using a CAA Authorised organisation gives you the piece of mind that this is being done safely and at no risk to your guests.
The Tourism industry is leveraging Drone technology to provide their prospective customers with stunning imagery and footage to showcase the very best their holiday homes and local landscapes have to offer. This helps you to stand out from the competition and provide that something extra in any marketing or PR campaigns.